Summer Readiness Program Pilot

With the goal of conserving energy to improve grid reliability during times of high electricity demand, Central Coast Community Energy is running a pilot program with a small group of commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers. CCCE staff has reached out directly to all qualified program pilot participants.
The Summer Readiness Program Pilot is a Demand Response (DR) program designed to incentivize customers to reduce energy consumption in exchange for an end-of-year bill credit.
The Summer Readiness Program Pilot compensates customers at a rate of $1.00/kWh for every kWh conserved relative to prior energy consumption patterns. This program is voluntary and has no penalties for non-performance, only incentives for conserving energy. Central Coast Community Energy seeks program pilot feedback for possible future DR programs.

Summary of Program Details:

  • Program offers customers $1.00/kWh for reducing energy usage during called “events”.
  • There are no penalties for non-performance.
  • CCCE event days will correlate to PG&E Peak Day Pricing (PDP) event days, including weekends.
  • Event days may occur between July 15, 2021 to September 30, 2021, from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm, non-holidays only.
  • Day-ahead email, telephone and/or text advanced notifications of event days. 
  • Day of event email, text, and/or telephone notifications.  
Please reach out to your Key Accounts Specialist if you have further questions regarding the Summer Readiness Program Pilot 
Monterey Bay Region
Gabe Ruiz

Key Accounts Specialist 
Office: 831-901-3068  ext. 136
Mobile: 831-277-4743

San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Region
Susan Davison

Key Accounts Specialist
Office: (805) 803-1017
Mobile: (760) 535-0496

Summer Readiness Program Pilot webinar presentation and slides: