Developers – New Construction Electrification Grant Program

Electrifying the Central Coast through affordable and clean housing

The Developer Incentive program is a competitive grant for developers who are planning new all-electric housing construction developments. Any housing developer building a development within 3CE service area may apply. 
          • A minimum of 75% of funds will be awarded to affordable housing projects.
          • A maximum of $240,000 will be awarded to a single housing development.
          • Funding amounts depend on the type of development and the number of all-electric units being built.

$2,500 per affordable housing unit                          $1,750 per market-rate housing unit


Steps to Participate in the Developer Incentive Program

1. Apply Online

What you will need:

          • Housing Unit Details (# of units, affordable vs. market rate, etc)
          • Project Schedule
          • At least one document showing intent to build an all-electric project
                • Architect of Record’s plans with confirmation letter from the architect describing how the building meets the all electric requirement and citing relevant pages
                • Confirmation letter from the electrical engineer describing how the building design plans meets the all-electric requirement

2. If approved, your funds will be reserved and you will receive a Letter of Intent stating the total grant for your project. Funds may be reserved for up to 3.5 years*


3. Receive grant funds upon project completion.

You will need to provide:

          • Certificate of Occupancy – OR – notice of Completion
          • Inspection report showing all electrical work has been completed and no gas lines have been installed
*Applicants may submit one letter requesting an extension of reserved grant funds, for up to one year. The letter must provide a description of a good faith efforts towards completing the approved project. 
The 3CE New Construction Electrification Grant Program – Developer Incentive Program Application launched Friday, January 22nd, 2021 
Incentive funds for the counties of Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, and San Luis Obispo are fully reserved. Incentive funds for the counties of Monterey and San Benito are still available and developers in these counties are encouraged to apply. Applications will be accepted through August 31, 2021.