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MBCP Partners with Monterey Bay Air Resources District to Electrifying Our Community’s School Buses for a Cleaner, Healthier Monterey Bay Region

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In partnership with Monterey Bay Air Resources District (MBARD), MBCP’s latest energy program is designed to fund 100% of costs to replace at least six traditional school buses with electric buses. MBCP dedicated $1.2 million in funding to add to MBARD’s existing electric school bus program. MBCP and MBARD share a goal of improving air quality and this powerful partnership reduces local greenhouse gas emissions for an annual program total of 120 MTCO2e, the equivalent of over 132,000 lbs. of coal burned each year by replacing six traditional school buses with electric buses. 

The Zero Emission School Bus Program helps ensure your school district has the opportunity to provide clean running electric transportation for our students in the community. MBCP will provide up to $200,000 per bus for at least six buses while MBARD leverages state funding for the remaining balance of each electric school bus through their ongoing program. 

Please click here for details found on our
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