Regeneración Pajaro Valley Climate Action

Regeneración Pajarao Valley Climate Action deserves a spotlight for their wonderful work toward a local response for global climate change.
Regeneración increases farmworker’s safety while bringing to light the locally experienced effects of climate change for the Pajaro Valley. One of Regeneración’s most impactful initiatives is their Heat Stress Awareness Campaign. Aimed at educating farm workers and others who work outdoors about what they can do to reduce heat stress illness as temperatures continue to rise, this initiative also makes the connection to climate change and highlights what steps the farming community can take towards reversing the effects of climate change.
Nancy Faulstich, Regeneración Director shared this inspiring message with CCCE: “I’m very hopeful about the opportunity to set past and present wrongs right that the climate emergency presents to us. It’s become quite clear that preserving a livable planet depends on ending oppressive, profit-driven societies including the many ways that humans mistreat other humans and other life forms. It’s also clear that no other species will be able to undo the damage and chart a sustainable path forward. So, for people who always hoped they could make a difference to others and lead a meaningful life – we can! We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!
Outcomes for humanity for thousands of years to come literally depend on what we do in the next few years. It’s an awesome challenge, and I believe we have what we need to succeed.”
MBCP applauds Nancy and the team at Regeneración  Pajaro Valley for the important work they are doing to address climate change and support our region’s farm workers. This yet another example of the many ways that climate change is affecting our lives, and the ways that community leaders are inspiring others to get involved.
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