Patricia Star

Being a 3CE customer means the money you spend on electricity comes back to you through access to energy program funds, further regional investment, and the reduction of local greenhouse gas emissions. 3CE highly encourages customers to apply for our energy program funds designed to assist with your transition from fossil fuels to clean energy solutions.

3CE wants to honor one of our residential customers, Patricia Star, who took the leap in switching from her fossil fuel-powered car to a new electric Chevy Bolt! Patricia never imagined owning a car that fit her budget and her values until she heard about Electrify Your Ride, 3CE’s electric vehicle incentive program.

As an income-eligible applicant, Patricia was able to buy a brand new all-electric car – a feat that her family has yet to achieve. About nine months ago, she heard about the Clean Vehicle Assistance Program state grant and that gave her hope in making her dream a reality! Once she received the state grant, she was also designated an “ambassador” — a person knowledgeable about electric cars and how to go about buying one at the best possible price. Ms. Star is grateful for being assigned to Seth Capron, a member of 3CE’s Community Advisory Council and active proponent of clean energy and electric vehicles.. According to Star, Mr. Capron had so much information to share as he patiently worked with Patricia and through her fears and hesitations as she applied incentives and rebates.

Even before Patricia learned about the 3CE grant, she was so happy to be a 3CE customer. She feels good knowing that her energy is increasingly coming from renewable sources! For many people, having solar at your home is not an option due to costs or location. Being a 3CE customer means you can still put your dollars toward renewable energy and support the change our community needs to transform our energy practices.
This 3CE grant changed Patricia’s life and she believes it can change whole communities!

“We MUST move toward more electricity-based choices and 3CE is supporting us ALL in making that switch…regardless of your income level! Equity at its BEST! ‘THANK YOU,’ can only begin to express my gratitude for the visionaries who created 3CE and continue supporting its’ evolution to a dynamic engine for change in our communities!”

3CE is committed to supporting our Central Coast Community by accelerating electrification and switching from fossil fuel dependence to clean energy solutions. Electrify Your Ride funds are available until June 30th, click here to learn more and apply.