Lawrence Garber, Corbin Panturad and Trang Trinh from Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) at Monterey

This month, we’re honoring the work of not one but three Clean Energy Heroes whose story is both inspiring and incredibly informative. Join us in celebrating the work of three graduate students who authored a study focused on three issues crucial for many of our region’s residents, businesses, agencies, and policy makers. Lawrence Garber, Corbin Panturad and Trang Trinh from Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) at Monterey together authored “Developing Affordable Multifamily Housing in Monterey, California: An Economic Case for Building Electrification and Water Reclamation” on May 20, 2020.
When this MIIS International Environmental Policy Program team learned about the Garden Road area in Monterey being rezoned and slated for residential housing developments, the trio built a financial model successfully making an economic case for clean, renewable and affordable housing solutions for Monterey. In the study, they looked at the financial and social benefits of all-electrification, rooftop solar, and water efficient technologies. They highlight the opportunity for a reinvestment in the green building economy to revitalize jobs that were lost from the COVID-19 pandemic. The study analyzes various financial outcomes of a proposed net-zero, affordable apartment complex that reflects the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing affordable housing in Monterey, and electrifying development to make affordable housing more lucrative for developers.
Learning from this study, Garber, Panturad and Trinh (shown right to left on the photo) hope to make sustainable practices, especially building practices, become a norm. These ambitious and innovative thinkers hope that our current leaders can implement lucrative ways of living and doing business that benefits people, profits, and the planet. In active pursuit of their vision for sustainable housing practices in the region, all three students are members of the Student Housing Coalition: Monterey Bay Chapter. Panturad is representing the coalition and the larger MIIS student body in imploring their administration to commit to making net zero energy, water-efficient and all-electric retrofits to the Institute’s new student housing project.
Garber, Panturad and Trinh hope that a new generation of activists will be inspired by the historic moment we are living through and demand change from our leaders. “People are waking up to the understanding that we cannot achieve progress in the environmental movement without racial justice,” Lawrence Garber, Corbin Panturad, and Trang Trinh shared.”
We are inspired by the work, motivations, and goals Garber, Panturad and Trinh have for our local community and the world. During a time of uncertainty, they made the efforts of finding innovative solutions to help rebuild our green building economy. We are in full support of their efforts and feel that our initiatives at 3CE are taking a step towards electrification and the green economy.
Listen to their podcast on their work here. Want to chat with Lawrence Garber, Corbin Panturad and Trang Trinh’s work? Email them at,, and