Environmental Innovations

For this month’s Clean Energy Hero, Central Coast Community Energy (CCCE) wants to recognize Environmental Innovations, a certified B Corp that is dedicated to helping businesses, institutions, government and individuals innovate beyond the status quo toward more equitable and sustainable solutions that benefit people, planet and profit. 

As the administrators of the California Green Business Network, Environmental Innovations has always advocated for commercial solar and wind by encouraging participating businesses to install them. More recently, they’ve partnered with CCCE to ensure that every business in the Santa Cruz, San Benito, Monterey tri-county region that applies to become a Certified Green Business receives an estimate from CCCE for our 100% renewable service offering – 3Cprime – and is encouraged to opt-up by the Environmental Innovations team. 

They’ve upgraded the California Green Business Network’s platform to integrate a climate calculator developed by UC Berkeley. This ensures every enrollee learns how their business is impacting climate. It then allows Environmental Innovations to tailor their certification based on that data and their climate goals – most often this leads to businesses opting up to 3Cprime. 

As an environmental consultant, Environmental Innovations is working with a foundation and a community-based organization to pilot a Universal Basic Income project in an underserved community. This pilot will be funded by a solar-powered microgrid — directly addressing both climate and financial equity in one fell swoop. 

Environmental Innovations’ staff chairs the Network’s Equity Committee, strategizing with statewide City and County stakeholders on ways to ensure resources are distributed more equitably than ever and that their program is delivered in partnership with local community-based organizations. The Network formed a new tier to help businesses gain most of the programs’ benefits once the 12 item requirements are completed and verified. 

. This has helped businesses with less resources start their sustainability pathway, achieve that milestone and get reimbursements for costs along the way.  

A goal Environmental Innovations is committed to is continuing telecommuting most if not all days of the week to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As part of Ecology Action’s Bike Month Challenge and being regular bike enthusiasts, the team hopes to develop more bike enthusiasm within their team and through their work locally.   

Environmental Innovations may be hiring soon! Follow them on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/company/environmental-innovations. In addition, new rounds of challenges are starting in August for businesses to get certified and win cash or other prizes! Enroll now to be included at greenbusinessca.org. Follow them on facebook.com/montereybaygreenbusiness to be in the loop.