In honor of Earth Day this month, 3CE is applauding the work of a local non-profit in San Luis Obispo (SLO) County, ECOSLO. ECOSLO’s mission is to educate, advocate, and act in ways that protect and preserve San Luis Obispo County’s natural resources. This organization has been active in SLO County for 50 years and has advocated for a clean-energy community. ECOSLO is a strong advocate for alternative energy that is clean, renewable, sustainable, and considers both human health and our collective ecosystem.

ECOSLO has pioneered many efforts to help our local community achieve both financial and climate equity, a value that 3CE also holds strongly. ECOSLO uses its programs and platform to share the interconnectedness of systems in our society, and how the community can make individual changes for collective action. As part of the SLO County Green Business Program, ECOSLO works with local businesses to consider their energy needs and opportunities such as looking into solar panels, conserving energy in their operations, or/or supporting renewables in other ways or simply by switching their electricity service to 3CE.

The Advocacy Committee at ECOSLO has led campaign efforts that directly address climate equity, such as their recent efforts to ban off-roading at the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area (ODSVRA) which will result in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in vulnerable communities, reducing air pollution from PM10 to PM2.5. Other efforts include the Diablo Canyon decommissioning process, the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary, and the SLO County polystyrene ban.

As of Fall 2019, ECOSLO established an Urban Tree planting and ongoing care program to plant 120 trees in the city of SLO. Over the next three years, this program will expand further with their new Full Circle grant in partnership with Deadwood Revival Design, funding the planting of 240 new trees in disadvantaged communities. The program would also feature an educational component, advocating for the use of urban lumber in furniture and building materials as a form of carbon sequestration.

Celebrating 50 years in the community, ECOSLO’s Executive Director, Mary A. Ciesinski shared her pride in expanding the organization’s annual Creeks to Coast Cleanup event to span all of SLO County, including many inland areas, as well as the growth of partnerships they’ve fostered with local groups/clubs, local businesses, and government agencies.

“I am a big believer that we are stronger when we work together, and it’s been such a rewarding experience to connect with so many wonderful people throughout SLO County.”

To keep up with all the latest happenings at ECOSLO, follow them on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. You can also sign up for their monthly e-newsletter, the ECO-Bulletin. Learn More About ECOSLO Here.