Ecology Action

This month, we’re highlighting the work of a local nonprofit organization that has done tremendous work to reduce transportation related carbon emissions and keep communities, our planet, and economy thriving. Join us in recognizing Ecology Action as a community leader and clean-energy steward working to make zero or low-emission transportation choices the new normal.
Fifty years ago, Ecology Action established the first recycling program in Santa Cruz and today they have helped over 24,000 small-to-medium businesses complete energy efficiency upgrades and access $50M in rebates to reduce their carbon emissions long into the future.
Their diverse strategies to increase Electric Vehicle (EV) awareness and adoption range from car showcase displays and ride & drive events to online learning and resources that remove barriers to EV adoption. Ecology Action has hosted webinars with topics that range from EVs 101 and Charging Basics to How to Buy a Pre-Owned EV. Organizations like Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) have sponsored these educational webinars to support Ecology Action’s outreach initiatives.


To meet California’s goal of 5 million EV’s on the road by 2030, Ecology Action has partnered with Regeneración, Greenpower, and Community Environmental Council to activate an equity-centered investment from Electrify America. This equity focused EV initiative highlights the very affordable (~$100/month) and even FREE for some, used and leased EV options as well as bigger rebates for lower wage earners that are available here in the Monterey Bay Region and across California.


Our project aims to put an EV on every block. As a result, local air quality will improve, GHG emissions will be reduced, residents will save money on fuel, and increase their transportation reliability to improve their economic potential and be a part of a clean transportation future.”
In addition, to address the gap of making EV charging accessible in apartments, Ecology Action has designed an innovative direct installation program that uses existing house panel capacity to make low-power EV charging installation available at no cost for multi-family property owners. Through this program, they’re identifying solutions and connecting apartment renters and apartment managers to grant funding for EV charging station installations (Grant funding doesn’t need to be repaid and is essentially free).
To find out about the numerous EV rebates available to Monterey Bay residents that make driving an EV very affordable – and some leases free — please visit Ecology Action’s EV Center. If you have any further questions, would like to get involved, become a business sponsor, or donate, please contact Sabrina Delk