I’m a cis man seeking to date a trans girl. Just how do I begin?

I’m a cis man seeking to date a trans girl. Just how do I begin?

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Dear Kai,

I’m a 55-year-old “mostly” straight guy who’s https://hookupwebsites.org/straight-dating/ constantly been into trans ladies and often really feminine males, along with biological ladies. I’ve stayed in the sides of this LGBTQ2 community for a long, number of years wanting to figure myself away, and I’ve started to realize that the things I really would like would be to date a transgender girl. I believe T-girls are definitely wonderful, since they are the very best of both female and worlds—male all within one! But i’ve no basic concept how to locate a transgender woman that is hunting for love with some body just like me.


I’ve seen trans escorts, that has been a blended experience. We don’t find many of them extremely honest or accommodating—and even though they truly are, things still always feel transactional. I’d like a relationship that is real. I’ve additionally attempted to date some trans ladies I’ve met on line, however it may seem like many that are on dating apps are way too young for me personally, plus some have actually called me personally a “chaser” as well as other nasty names. All I want is a T-girl to love that i could be proud of—is that therefore incorrect? What’s a transamorous man to do? Am we condemned become lonely forever?

Transamorous Torontonian


To actually love a trans woman—or any woman—you need to be able to look away from very own dreams and discover whom she in fact is. Continue reading “I’m a cis man seeking to date a trans girl. Just how do I begin?”