Save Big on an Electric Vehicle through MBeVIP

Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle Incentive Program Makes Over $1 Million Available to Our Community – Plus Additional Savings

Shop locally for an EV and be rewarded with multiple ways to save through Monterey Bay eVIP! A collaboration between MBCP and the Monterey Bay Air Resources District, Monterey Bay eVIP includes two distinct phases each with unique benefits and opportunities to save money and promote the growth of EVs in the Monterey Bay Region.

MBCP Monterey Bay eVIP Phase 1:Buy Local(May 1 – July 31, 2019)

MBCP is offering significant incentives that are part of even greater savings available through special, reduced MSRP and manufacturer pricing. In addition to incentives and discounted pricing, the Monterey Bay eVIP web page outlines opportunities for EV buyers and leasers to save even more through California’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, Federal Tax Credit and the Clean Fuel Rebate.

Phase 1 is applicable to battery-electric EVs only (no hybrids). Full details and the application form is available now!
Note: Phase 1 participants must apply before purchasing or leasing vehicle. Get started by applying online to receive your certificate from MBCP.

MBCP Incentives

  • $4,500 for income-qualified MBCP customers
  • $3,000 for non-profits, schools and public agencies
  • $1,000 for all other MBCP customers

“The Monterey Bay Region is poised to dramatically increase electric vehicle adoption,” shares MBCP Director of Communications and Energy Programs, JR Killigrew. “MBCP and MBARD are key drivers towards electrifying all types of vehicles. We’ve already identified the transportation sector as one of our top focus areas to continue reducing greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate criteria air pollutants, so we’ve been very motivated to offer a program which gets more people in EVs.”  

Currently, less than 2% of vehicles in the tri-county are electric. “Combining forces with MBCP to support consumers in the Monterey Bay region is a winning solution. MBARD continues to support alternative fuel vehicle adoption and we are excited to collaborate with MBCP to usher in a new era with a program that puts the consumer in the driver seat.”  says David Frisbey, MBARD’s Planning and Air Monitoring Manager.   Later in 2019, MBCP will be following through with significant funding available to its commercial customers who are interested in growing the number of charging stations in the Monterey Bay.  

Income-qualified participants get an extra funding boost and if they stack all the opportunities together, it could mean a total savings that approaches $10,000 off the original price for eligible vehicles. The Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle Incentive Program is being rolled out in two phases.  

Phase 1 (May 1 – July 31), “Buy Local” is being ushered by MBCP and applies to electric vehicles only, with initial savings generated though incentives ranging from $1,000 to $4,500 depending on income-qualification and whether applicants are a business, resident, non-profit, school or public agency. Eligible vehicles include the 2019 Chevrolet Bolt available through Greenwood Chevrolet in Hollister, the 2019 Nissan LEAF and LEAF Plus available through Cardinale Nissan in Seaside, and the 2019 Volkswagen e-Golf available at Santa Cruz Volkswagen. More information about Monterey Bay eVIP Phase 1 will be available beginning May 1 at

Phase 2 (August 1 until funds run out), “Your Choice, Your Terms” offers any tri-county car shopper the opportunity to apply for rebates provided by the Monterey Bay Air Resources District. While potential savings are slightly less than during Phase 1, ‘Your Choice, Your Terms’ means participants have the added convenience of applying their savings to any new or used alternative-fuel vehicle purchased or leased from any dealer throughout California. More information about Monterey Bay eVIP Phase 2 will be available beginning August 1 at  

MBCP Is Seeking Local Microgrid Hosts to Energize Economic and Environmental Progress

MBCP Microgrid SmartConnect Program Would Create Jobs, Accelerate Access to Electricity, Cut Costs, Strengthen Energy Efficiency and Resiliency 

MBCP recently launched the Microgrid SmartConnect Program to develop and own microgrid projects in MBCP’s service territory that support local economic development and provide an expedient and resilient power supply for MBCP customers. 

What is a microgrid? In common terms, a microgrid is a set of localized generation sources tied together with software to optimize how they are used.

Microgrids can act as a single, controllable entity with respect to the main grid; either connected to the grid or operated autonomously as an island. By nature, micogrids offer greater flexibility around generating or using electricity, thereby increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

“Many of us in the agricultural community have dealt with limited or no access to electricity when we need it most – often times this is associated with opportunities to grow our business or simply strengthen our energy independence and efficiency,” shares Norm Groot, Executive Director for the Monterey County Farm Bureau and member of the MBCP Community Advisory Council. “Energy innovations like microgrids that can accelerate access to electricity and grow businesses in the process have tremendous economic implications for our region.” 


“Now that Monterey Bay Community Power has accomplished a very successful first year of service including retiring our start-up debts, delivering nearly $12 million to our community through rebates and energy programs, and building nearly all our financial reserves, we are excited to start turning some of our attention to local development opportunities,” shares MBCP CEO, Tom Habashi. “If all of the key variables align, a microgrid project could be a big win for MBCP and our customers.”   

“As City Manager of Gonzales, I’ve been working hard to unlock economic development within my community through microgrids,” shares Rene Mendez. “Microgrids are a sustainable answer to our area’s longstanding issue of simply needing more power from the grid. This is a great step in the right direction by Monterey Bay Community Power.”

To learn more about MBCP’s Microgrid SmartConnect program or apply to be considered as a microgrid site host, please click here.    

MBCP Celebrates One Year of Service!

What a difference a year makes! March 1, 2018 was MBCP’s first day of service, making today our one year anniversary; 365 days of providing cleaner energy at a lower cost to the Monterey Bay region!… and millions of dollars invested in the communities we serve.

Everything we do at MBCP is made possible with the support of our community, 97% of whom are MBCP customers in favor of a locally controlled energy model that supports clean energy and local benefits. From cost-savings totaling $4.4 million to signing contracts for three brand new renewable energy projects to bringing the cites of San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay into the MBCP family, it has been a year filled with action and accomplishments. Thank you for making it possible, we wish all of you a happy anniversary, too!

In honor of our one-year anniversary MBCP is offering a special MBprime promotion during the month of March – sign up for 100% renewable energy and you’ll be automatically entered to win a Blix Electric Bike and more.

Join the Contest

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Monterey Bay Community Power Delivers Over $4 Million in Cost Savings Through 2018 Rebates

December 19, 2018, Monterey, CA – Monterey Bay Community Power today announced 2018 customer rebateswill total more than $4 million dollars, delivering significant cost savings and making good on one of MBCP’sprimary goals. Residential customers receive their rebate as a bill credit on December electricity bills, non- residential customers receive rebates biannually in June and December, and large commercial and agricultural customers receive their rebates quarterly in March, June, September and December.

“Since before our agency was formed, one of our stated goals has been cost stability and supporting theeconomic vitality of our region,” shared MBCP CEO, Tom Habashi. “It is very exciting and rewarding for all of us at MBCP to be producing more quantifiable results in our first year of operation, and we’ve got a growing list ofadditional benefits being passed on to the communities that we serve.”

In addition to supporting the Monterey Bay Region’s economy through cost-savings, MBCP has created jobs, supported local businesses, and in 2019 will be dedicating $1.25 million in additional funding for local energy programs such as electric vehicle (EV) rebates, EV charging stations and installing solar-energy systems on low-income housing. All the while, MBCP’s guiding principle to reduce Monterey Bay region carbon emissionsthrough carbon-free and renewable energy sources has been helped drive these results as well as produce an important measure in and of itself; 300,000 metric tons of carbon emissions spared from the environment.

“As a major agricultural engine in the Monterey Bay, Dole is constantly exploring opportunities to help reducecosts and create better end products for our customers” says Tom Messenger, Facilities Manager at Dole FreshVegetables. “Monterey Bay Community Power delivered on its promise for carbon-free electricity and itscustomer rebate which Dole greatly benefited at over $50,000 in bill savings this year.”

Businesses and residents alike are benefiting from finally having a choice when it comes to electricity providers. Whether one looks at individual or regional gains, the trends are undeniably positive in nature.

“This rebate is from just five months of service,” exclaimed Robert and Denyse Frischmuth, residents of PacificGrove. “We’re grateful because it is a benefit of choosing cleaner electricity from our local provider who gives us a choice and a voice for our energy needs. We’re already looking forward to the 2019 rebate because it mightbe more than double this year’s savings!”

Next up for MBCP is the rollout of local energy programs to further curb carbon emissions, support the growth of renewable energy infrastructure and continue providing economic stimulus for the region.

Monterey Bay Community Power is a Community Choice Energy agency established by local communities to source carbon-free electricity for Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties and now San Luis Obispo county. PG&E will continue their traditional role of delivering power and maintaining electric infrastructure. As a locally controlled not-for-profit, MBCP supports regional economic vitality by providing cleaner energy at a lower cost, supporting low-income rate payers, and funding local energy programs. For more information,

MBCP Signs Contract for California’s Largest Solar + Storage Project

Monterey, CA – November 1, 2018 – Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP) recently signed two long-term solar development agreements, one of which will be the largest utility-scale, solar-plus-storage project ever built in California. With the approval of these two projects, MBCP will be making significant contributions to grid stability for California and to utility-scale storage capacity for California and the Nation.

The Slate 1 project, to be developed in Kings County, CA by Recurrent Energy, will provide 150 megawatts (MW) of solar capacity, plus 45 MW of storage, for a 15-year term. Just south in Kern County, the BigBeau Solar project, developed byEDF Renewables North America, will provide 128 MW of solar capacity with 40 MW of storage as part of a 20-year agreement. The two solar + storage projects combined will power 32,000 MBCP customer homes annually and will provide 840 temporary jobs during construction with commercial operation scheduled for 2021.

“We are excited to bring online the largest California solar-plus-storage project by CCAs to date,” said Tom Habashi, CEO of Monterey Bay Community Power. “Solar development has been a hallmark of California’s renewable energy boom and with the storage component, we can realize the full potential of solar generation.”

Both projects are the result of a joint-procurement effort between MBCP and Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE), their second such collaboration in less than 3 months. MBCP will be off taking 45% of the energy produced from both Slate 1 and BigBeau, while SVCE will harness the other 55%. The renewable energy produced from these projects will be utilized exclusively by CCAs, many of which are driving the recent rise in buildout of renewable energy infrastructure across the state.

The California Community Choice Association (CalCCA), a trade group that represents the state’s community choice energy agencies, applauded the joint procurement effort noting it represents a significant achievement for the CCA movement in California.

“This landmark purchase of utility-scale solar and energy storage resources shows that CCAs are ready, willing and able to sign long-term contracts with new renewable energy projects in California,” said Beth Vaughan, executive director of CalCCA. “It also reflects the commitment community choice programs have to supporting new sources of clean energy and fueling job creation and economic development.”

As a leader among CCAs driving California’s climate action success, MBCP is also poised to provide its own community with significant benefits. After just eight months of operation MBCP is projecting to save tri-county a combined $3.5 million in cost savings, contribute to 300,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions spared from the atmosphere, and reinvest an additional $2.5 million in programs designed to help offset the cost of electric vehicles (EV) and EV charging stations for residents, businesses, schools and public agencies. Additional programs to support low-income rate payers are also being evaluated.

1According to a May, 2018 U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) report: At the end of 2017, 708 MWs of utility-scale battery storage capacity was in operation in the US. With the approval of these two projects, MBCP will be contributing to a 12% increase in US Storage Capacity


About Monterey Bay Community Power

Monterey Bay Community Power is a Community Choice Energy agency established by local communities to source carbon-free electricity for Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties while retaining PG&E’s traditional role delivering power and maintaining electric infrastructure. As a locally controlled not-for-profit, MBCP is not taxpayer funded and supports Tri-County economic vitality by providing cleaner energy at a lower cost, supporting low-income rate payers, and funding local renewable energy projects. For more information, visit 

MBCP Strikes Major Renewable Energy Deal During First Year of Operation

Monterey, CA August 1, 2018 – Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP), made its first long-term investment for renewable energy from a new wind farm. The energy production from this new project will ramp up delivery of clean power to the electric grid. This cutting-edge procurement effort is in partnership with Silicon Valley Clean Energy. The 200 megawatt (MW) Duran Mesa Wind project is currently in development near Corona, New Mexico by Pattern Energy Group 2 LP (Pattern Development).

“Through strategic partnerships with other Community Choice Energy agencies like Silicon Valley Clean Energy, MontereyBay Community Power can leverage additional resources and buying power to develop bigger and more affordable renewable energy projects, which is a landmark achievement for MBCP only being in our first year of service. We are strongly committed to a diverse portfolio of energy resources and this project brings a wide variety of benefits that will beshared by our customers for years to come.” said Bruce McPherson, MBCP Board Chair.

The Duran Mesa Wind project is an important addition to the MBCP power portfolio because the renewable wind energy becomes available just as the available solar energy from the day ramps down. The location, high wind patterns and time difference in New Mexico help alleviate the strain on the electric grid in the evenings, during California’s peak electricity usage.

“It’s a very positive sign for our industry that these two important public agencies are making their first long-term wind power purchase agreements – and we’re honored to partner with them in New Mexico,” said Mike Garland, CEO of PatternDevelopment. “We are making strong progress on our extensive development projects in New Mexico, where the windresource is one of the strongest in the country and has an evening ramp that creates an ideal complement to Californiasolar power. These contracts will increase Pattern Development’s contribution to California climate goals to well over a gigawatt of wind energy serving California customers.”

MBCP was formed to reduce carbon emissions, provide customer choice and return value to the community. MBCP is one of the first Community Choice Energy (CCE) Agency in California to invest in a new long-term renewable energy project in its first year of operation. This project is a joint procurement effort with Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE). MBCP signed a 15-year PPA for 90 MW and SVCE signed a 15-year PPA for 110 MW of eligible renewable energy to help reach long term renewable energy targets. This project is estimated to produce up to 10% of MBCP’s annual electricity demand.

Construction of Duran Mesa Wind is anticipated to begin in late 2019 and the project is expected to reach commercial operation in late 2020. The power from the project is California RPS eligible since it will have a connection for delivery into California in part via the SunZia Southwest Transmission Project, a 520-mile 500-kV transmission line under development in New Mexico and Arizona. Duran Mesa Wind is a 200 MW project within Pattern Development’s 2,200 MW Corona WindProjects in New Mexico.

About Monterey Bay Community Power


Monterey Bay Community Power is a Community Choice Energy agency established by local communities to source carbon-free electricity for Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties while retaining PG&E’s traditional role deliveringpower and maintaining electric infrastructure. As a locally controlled not-for-profit, MBCP is not taxpayer funded and supports Tri-County economic vitality by providing cleaner energy at a lower cost, supporting low-income rate payers, and funding local renewable energy projects. For more information, visit

New, 100% Renewable Energy Service Offering – MBprime

Thank you for your interest in Monterey Bay Community Power’s service offerings. We are excited to be nearing the second phase of launching our carbon-free electricity service for Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties.

Phase One: All non-residential customers were automatically enrolled in MBCP’s MBchoice service offering beginning March 1, 2018.Phase Two: All residential customers were automatically enrolled in MBCP’s MBchoice service offering beginning July 1, 2018.

MBCP procures electricity from carbon-free sources such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric. In addition to being carbon-free, MBCP does not use power produced from nuclear energy or any fossil-based sources.

As a public, not-for-profit agency, MBCP is committed to returning surplus revenues to our customers and our community. All customers will receive a 3% rebate in 2018 and this rebate is expected to increase to 4% in 2019.

About our service offerings and rebate options: As an MBCP customer, you get to choose where your savings goes. MBchoice  and MBprime customers receive their rebate as a credit on their bill. Customers who choose to donate their rebate in support of our community and our planet can choose between MBgreen+ or MBshare, funding the growth of renewable energy resources and projects in our community and supporting low-income rate payers.

MBCP Announces “Go Local” Request for Offers (RFO): Local Renewable Generation and Energy Storage Projects

MBCP has issued an RFO to receive proposals for the development of local renewable generation and energy storage projects located within any member jurisdiction of MBCP’s service territory. The RFO seeks terms of 5 to 20 years with an installed capacity of 1 to 3 megawatts (MWs). MBCP aims to procure a total of 20 MWs through this process. This RFO comes in direct response to feedback from the communities we serve.

The goal of the RFO is to increase local renewable generation, increase local energy storage, and promote economic vitality for the Tri-County area.  In addition to technical considerations, the RFO will be evaluated for its impact on interconnection and capacity improvements, project location, project technology and size, contract term, job creation, local hiring, prevailing wage, economic growth, increase in local investment, environmental impact, developer experience, and project status. Expect RFO to be posted to the website at the end of May.

Monterey Bay Community Power Community Advisory Council Application

Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP) seeks qualified, passionate and committed applicants for its volunteer Community Advisory Council (CAC). The Council will be formed by, and serves as, an advisory body to the MBCP Board(s). The key goals of MBCP, as outlined in the Joint Powers Agreement, are:

 Maximize greenhouse gas reduction;
 Stabilize and reduce customer rates and costs; and Invest in local energy projects and programs

The CAC will define the Council’s scope and by-laws. Areas of purview under consideration include the powers and functions of the Boards. The Board(s) will approve the scope and by-law.

MBCP is soliciting CAC applicants through the MBCP website, allied organizations, city and county partners and others. Staff will compile a list of applicants and present it to a subcommittee of the MBCP Policy Board for vetting. The Policy Board will appoint CAC members.

Please note, this application is a public document and will be disclosed upon request.

The deadline to apply is April 30, 2018. All applications received by the deadline will be acknowledged with an email. Please return this application via email, or by mail to:

Monterey Bay Community Power
c/o Beth Trenchard, Program Coordinator 70 Garden Court, Suite 300 Monterey, CA 93940

If you have any questions, contact Beth Trenchard: BTrenchard@3cenergy.orgor 831-641-7201


Monterey Bay Community Power

Please save this PDF to your computer prior to completing the application below.

Your Information

Residence Address:
Email Address:
Primary Phone Number:
Alternate Phone Number (optional):
Occupation, or previous occupation if retired, or attach resume. Employers, or previous employers if retired, or attach resume.

Resumes and letters of recommendation may be submitted as optional supplemental materials.

Page 2


Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP) seeks applicants residing or working in one of the three counties (Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties). Ideally, candidates will be sustainability champions and will have a reasonable understanding of, or interest in, the energy business.

MBCP seeks broad representation inclusive of the diverse people and communities of Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties. Applicants from all ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, ages, and socio-economic backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Experience and Expertise

Please limit responses to 300 words per question.
1. Please describe your experiences or involvement in your local community organizations.

2. Please describe your experience or involvement with local business organizations.

Page 3

3. Please describe your experience in related energy, energy efficiency, transportation, environmental and/or other related fields.

4. Please describe your experience participating in or being a member of an industry or trade association as it relates to MBCP’s mission to implement energy programs that maximize greenhouse gas reduction, reduce customer energy costs, and create local energy projects.

Page 4

Commitment and Expectations

The initial seating of CAC members will vary between 1, 2 and 3 years terms. CAC members will meet monthly for 2-3 hours per meeting. All meetings will be held at: Monterey Bay Community Power, 70 Garden Court, Suite 300, Monterey, CA 93940. Meetings, dates, and times will be determined once members are seated, but will be during weekdays. Members will be required to attend a minimum of 75% of CAC meetings. Physical attendance is preferred. However, on occasion if all Brown-Act requirements are met, attendance via phone or computer may be allowed. The CAC Chair, or appointed delegate, will report CAC activities at the Board meetings.

CAC members will be expected to support the mission and vision of MBCP, and to align their advice with the long-term success of the agency. CAC is a Brown-Act compliant group and all meetings will be publicly noticed and open to the public in an accessible location. Brown-Act compliance will be reviewed at the first CAC meeting. The CAC will establish a set of by-laws to guide and regulate its affairs. CAC members will serve at the pleasure of the MBCP Board(s). The members of the CAC will be subject to all applicable conflict of interest laws.

Expression of Interest

Please limit responses to 300 words.

1. Please describe why you are interested in serving on the MBCP CAC, and what you would like to achieve.

Page 5


Please describe your ability to make the commitment described above.


Please describe your experience serving on public committees or boards. Please include lessons learned, achievements and challenges.

Please send this application to Beth Trenchard to be considered: or the address listed on page 1.Thank you for your interest in Monterey Bay Community Power!