Children upset by Mom’s intimate relationship with ‘stepson’

Children upset by Mom’s intimate relationship with ‘stepson’

Dear Amy: My significant other (we had been never ever formally hitched) passed away half a year ago from a long-term illness.

Inside our 25 years together, we’d a 25-year-old daughter and a 21-year-old son. Through that time, my therefore also had an son that is illegitimate. That son can be 21, and it is just a few months older as compared to son he and I also had together.

I did son’t also satisfy this son until he had been fifteen years old.

After my significant other’s death, his son, “Seth,” started coping with me personally and my son.

About four weeks ago I developed a relationship that is sexual Seth.

My kiddies have finally disowned me personally, calling the partnership disgusting, a decision that is poor and improper.

Just how we view it, except that age space of 25 years, we have been both solitary, both grownups, and now we aren’t related, i did son’t raise him, i did son’t also satisfy him I was never actually married to his dad – therefore I was never an actual stepmom until he was 15 years old, and.

Do you believe my kids are proper within their perception for this relationship, of course therefore, for just what reasons?

– Not a Stepmother

Dear perhaps not: Your kiddies perceive that your particular option to take part in a relationship that is sexual their half-brother a mere five months after their father’s death is disgusting, an undesirable choice, and improper.

That pretty much amounts things up for me personally, too.

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You have got crossed lots of taboos and boundaries and generally are now splitting hairs: (“we weren’t officially married, we scarcely knew this kid,” etc.). But this man that is young biologically pertaining to your young ones. Continue reading “Children upset by Mom’s intimate relationship with ‘stepson’”