Agricultural Services


Delivering competitive rates and a pathway to 100% renewable energy for our Ag community.

As the Central Coast region’s leading
industry, agriculture continues to drive innovation, technology and workforce development. 3CE is proud to serve the thousands of Agricultural customers and deliver on our goals of high customer satisfaction, competitive rates, predictable billing, and to collaborate on innovative energy solutions. 


3CE serves over 3,000 Agricultural customers and matches either PG&E or SCE rate schedules, time-of-use periods. 3CE delivers competitive rates and electrification incentives to Ag throughout the Central Coast.


Learn more about 3CE Energy Programs and how your business can plug into valuable funding for electrification, fuel-switching and energy resiliency resources. 

Clean and Renewable Energy

3Cchoice is 3CE's default service offering, with electricity generated by clean and renewable resources like wind, solar, geothermal and biomass. Customers receiving electricity from 3Cchoice are part of the effort to accelerable clean energy goals to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030 which means less greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. It makes good environmental sense and it makes good economic sense, too. 3Cchoice – clean and renewable energy at a lower cost.

No Action Required
Electricity generated from 100% renewable sources

3Cprime is supported by 100% eligible renewable energy generated exclusively from solar and wind, assuring a positive influence on the health of our oceans and our air.

3Cprime is available to all customers at an added cost of $.8c/kilowatt hour, or approximately $4-5 extra per month for residential customers who fall within the average monthly consumption of 300 – 500 kilowatt hours of electricity per month.

Key Benefits of 3CE


All 3CE service offerings support the growth of clean and
renewable energy, as well as contribute to the economic
vitality of the communities that we serve.


Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions


$12 Million

In energy program funding made available to customers since 2018

Investment in our local

Agricultural Service Details: