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Your local, community-owned
electricity provider.

Central Coast Community Energy is a Community Choice Energy agency established by local communities to source clean and renewable electricity for Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties and now parts of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties while retaining your utility provider’s traditional role delivering power and maintaining electric infrastructure as well as billing. 

Central Coast Community Energy is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through local control of utility scale renewable electricity generation provided at competitive rates and the implementation of innovative energy programs that facilitate the electrification of the transportation and built environments. Central Coast Community Energy promotes long-term electric rate stability and energy security while reducing reliance on fossil fuels and stimulating the local economy. 

In its first first two years of operations, 3CE has contracted for 453.3 MW of long term eligible renewable resources and 192.7 MW of battery storage in furtherance of California’s 100% GHG-free by 2045 goal. Since beginning operations, 3CE has enrolled 33 communities throughout the Central Coast. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, 3CE provided immediate financial relief by deferring $22.4M in generation charges for all customers. 3CE has allocated over $12M toward energy program in addition to establishing a $25M Energy Resiliency program in response to the investor owned utilities Public Safety Power Shutoffs – and we are just getting started!


Did you know? Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs) like 3CE, also known as Community Choice Energy (3CE) agencies, provide local control and local benefits to nearly 10 million customers in California alone, as well as communities throughout  Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Ohio.

Meet Our Team

3CE staff members are dedicated to serving the unique needs of our diverse community. We are excited to be embracing clean energy as the catalyst for continued economic and environmental benefits for the communities that we live and work in. 

Administrative Operations Associate

Executive Team

Administrative Operations Associate


Tom Habashi


IMG_2338 rob

Robert Shaw

Chief Operating Officer/General Counsel


Tiffany Law

Chief Financial and Technology Officer


Dennis Dyc-O’Neal

Director of Power Supply Resources


JR Killigrew

Director of Communications
& Outreach

Jon Griesser

Director of Energy Programs



Heather Vowell

Executive Assistant/Board Clerk

Updated Aracely

Aracely Cardona

Administrative Operations Associate

Chelsey Ripley

Administrative Assistant

Cynthia Quiane

Administrative Assistant

Energy Account Services


Lina Williams

Manager of Energy Account Services

Gabe Ruiz

Key Accounts Specialist

Susan Davison

Key Accounts Specialist

Jerri Strickland

Energy Account Specialist

Jenna Espinosa

Energy Account Specialist

Patty Cruz

Energy Public Engagement Associate

Oswaldo Martinez

Energy Public Engagement Associate

Energy Programs


Dan Bertoldi

Manager of Energy Programs

Tony Pastore

Manager of Energy Business Development


Kevin Miller

Energy Programs Analyst

Tessa Tobar

Energy Programs Analyst

Finance and Technology

Owen Lee

Manager of Finance and Rates


Mary Ann Hernandez

Analyst, Data Management

Thomas White

Energy Accountant


Aram Giahi

Data Scientist

Liz Dunsmoor

Liz Dunsmoor

Data Analyst


David Wing

Senior Information Technology Systems Administrator

Human resources

Mi Ra Park

Manager of Human Resources

Marketing & Communications


Peter Berridge

Manager of Energy Communications


Shelly Whitworth

Senior Energy Media Specialist


Leslie Madarang

Energy Marketing Specialist

Power Services


Jeremy Clark

Manager of Energy Trading

Chris Matos

Manager of Energy Contracts and Compliance

Ray Dai

Manager of Energy Risk & Analytics

Anamika Singh

Power Supply Analyst

Regulatory and Legislative Affairs

Stephen Keehn

Stephen Keehn

Manager of Regulatory
& Legislative Affairs


Marc Adato

Local Government Affairs Advisor

Brian Kimball

Policy Advisor